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Loyola School, Bangalore
St Joseph’s Boys’ High School, Bangalore
St Joseph’s Indian High School, Bangalore
St Joseph’s High School, Hassan
St Aloysius High School, Mangalore
St Aloysius Evening School, Mangalore
Loyola Yomiuri School, Bijapur
Loyola School, Mundgod
Loyola School, Manvi
St Xavier’s School, Manvi

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Pre University Colleges

St Joseph’s PU College, Anekal
Loyola Composite PU College, Bangalore
St Joseph’s PU College (Day and Evening), Bangalore
St Joseph’s I Composite PU College, Bangalore
St Joseph’s PU College, Hassan
St Aloysius PU College (Day and Evening), Mangalore
St Aloysius PU College, Harihar
Loyola Yomiuri PU College, Bijapur
St Xavier’s PU College, Gulbarga
Loyola Composite Junior College, Mundgod
Loyola PU College, Manvi

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Degree Colleges

St Joseph’s Commerce College, Bangalore
St Joseph’s College of Business Administration, Bangalore
St Joseph’s Academy of Information Technology, Bangalore
St Joseph’s Arts and Science College, Bangalore
St Joseph’s Postgraduate Centre, Bangalore
St Joseph’s Degree College, Hassan
St Aloysius College (Day and Evening), Mangalore
St Aloysius Institute of Social Work, Mangalore
St Aloysius B. Ed. College, Mangalore
St Aloysius Institute of Management and Information Technology, Mangalore
St Aloysius College, Harihar

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Vocational and Technical Education

Loyola Industrial Training Centre, Bangalore
St Joseph’s Community College, Bangalore
St Aloysius Industrial Training Centre, Mangalore
Loyola Abhyudaya Kendra, Bijapur
Loyola Teachers’ Training Institute, Mundgod

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Our Dear Departed

We owe a remembrance of deep gratitude to our Jesuits of the Province. They have left their footprints on the sands of time and their prints are guidelines for us. We recommend the success of our apostolate to these our brothers. [Click Here]

Photos of Jesuits

This section has the photos of the Jesuits for Karnataka Province. Each one of us is involved in the mission of Christ in a wide variety of ways, serving God in His people especially those in most need. [Click Here]

Join Us

You are most welcome to join us in serving Christ. If you are a Catholic and if you meet the necessary requirements you too can become a Jesuit.

To know more [Click here].

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